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Redleg Nation Radio #120: Free Jumbo Diaz!

Chad Dotson and Bill Lack are confused by this Cincinnati Reds team. Are they as good as they’ve looked this week, or are they who we thought they were? The guys attempt to answer this question in the latest edition of Redleg Nation Radio, and they also have some ideas for how to improve the … Continue reading »

Redleg Nation Radio #118: Half-full, half-empty

This week on the podcast, Chad Dotson and Joel Luckhaupt try to decide whether there are any reasons to be optimistic about the rest of this Cincinnati Reds season. The guys also decide to ignore optimism for a while, and instead turn to realism. It’s a roller-coaster ride of an episode! (FYI: just when we … Continue reading »

Redleg Nation Radio #116: Big leagues, minor leagues

Doug Gray (of joined Chad Dotson for the latest episode of Redleg Nation Radio. The guys discussed everything interesting about the current edition of the Cincinnati Reds (surprisingly, that took more than ninety seconds) before turning their attention to the best and brightest prospects of the Reds minor league system. Please subscribe via iTunes … Continue reading »